Our Company

Plato is a digital solutions enablement company. We are currently enabling web agencies to implement eCommerce stores on their own, in the way they want. This capitalizes on our ability to engineer solutions that simplify problems and design user experiences that simplify implementing solutions.

Our first product - Foundry is a manifestation of our commitment to our agency partners, providing the tools to supercharge implementation teams. It’s the only application to build and deliver bespoke Magento sites in hours. Select the extensions, integrations, theme, and hosting then get a fully functional eCommerce site delivered.

The Story Behind

Plato, the renowned Greek philosopher, strongly believed that “knowledge is virtue” and he posited that “...one cannot have knowledge of any fact in isolation…”.

Our company - and, more importantly, our companionship (team) - is deeply driven by this belief. Hence, after being in the realm of eCommerce for over a decade, we challenged ourselves to harness our collective knowledge in a manner that could make a monumental impact on everyone’s daily life. The outcome of this decision is Foundry, our first masterpiece.