Foundry Partner Program

Partnering with Foundry: Providers

Foundry fixes the tedious parts of setting up Magento stores.

Provider type

Extension Provider:

Foundry users are connected with partners' extensions as they build their Magento 2 stores.

Service provider & hosting provider:

If you are providing ongoing service or hosting components for Magento 2 sites, you are a Foundry Service Partner. Foundry matches users with service and hosting providers for their site builds.

Program tiers


What you get with Standard Access:

  • A full extension listing inside Foundry (which includes relevant information developers use to select functionality)

  • A managed buying process, with Foundry facilitating the difficult pieces of your users’ acquisition and install


Foundry + Powered Insights

What you get with Advanced Access:

  • Everything in Standard Access, plus:

  • A customized partnership agreement

  • Advanced access to upcoming features and insights, such as:

    • Detailed compatibility reports

    • Usage and user analytics

  • Access to Foundry's channel partner management team

Design Advisor:

Foundry + Powered Insights

What you get with Design Advisor Access:

  • Everything in Standard and Advanced, plus:

  • Collaborative product design input

  • Access to first-look solution feedback

  • Priority review for Official Foundry Certified™ designations (quality requirements for submitted extensions are not impacted)

  • Dedicated channel partner manager


Publicly available extensions are automatically enrolled in Foundry via your existing partnership process.

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